Video Review: “All Day” by Kanye West

Instead of releasing his video through traditional route, Kanye West has gone a totally different way this time around releasing his video at The 2015 Brit Awards where he performed his music video for “All Day”. The single will be appearing on Kanye West’s upcoming seventh LP titled “So Help Me God”.

“All Day” featuring Allan Kingdom, Theophilus London and Paul McCartney, is a high-energy track with plenty of emotion thrown into it. When Kanye performed it during the 2015 Brit Awards, he was sure that the performance had the right kind of tempo and energy about it – something that the video for this single would require. Instead of doing it all over again for a music video, Kanye simply took the live footage of his performance and turned it into his new music video. This is yet another instance when we gotta say ‘Kanye does what he likes’.

Kanye West isn’t just thinking about his music video for the new single but he is also working really hard at it. He spent his entire day on social media promoting his music along with other things that he loves doing i.e. giving us more of Kim Kardashian nudes on the social media. He also took time to praise his fellow artist Kendrick Lamar for his recently released album – All that in a single day!

Watch Music Video “All Day” by Kanye West

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz