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Video Review: “21” by Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes dropped his latest single “21” a month ago. The country singer finally released a music video for his hit single on Saturday. The music video was premiered exclusively on

“21” is a song about a couple who has managed to live like they were ‘21’ again. The song is an uplifting track that uses music to create the euphoria of being young again. The song remind couples that they can still be happy despite being together for long. All they have to do is to think again like ‘21’. The song ‘21’ is a one-off single from the country-rock star. He won’t be releasing any more albums as of now.

The music video for “21” is directed by Kristin Barlowe. Although this is a low-budget music video, it is still great to watch. The clip resonates with the track so well that you will like the video despite clearly lacking production quality.

The music video opens with Hunter Hayes singing ‘21’ and playing around with his guitar. There are some dancers around who will continue to impress you with their dancing skills. And surprisingly there is a dog at the end of the video. If you are wondering after watching the video what this dog has to do with the video, just remember that it is Hunter Hayes’ personal dog named Cole. Watch the video below and leave comments afterwards.

Watch Music Video “21” by Hunter Hayes

Post Author: David Watt