“True Colors” by Zed featuring Kesha

Zedd has released a studio version of “True Colors”. The song “True Colors”, featuring Kesha, was promised by Zedd earlier when he told his fans that he’d be recording a song with Kesha soon. So now he has proved that he wasn’t lying. You can stream the song below.

Kesha performed “True Colors” at Coachella Festival on April 28 to launch the song. The song in it’s full HQ studio version will be available on iTunes and Spotify today, as promised by Zedd.

The song “True Colors” is an emotional track and Kesha has really slayed it despite her filtered vocals. The chorus is probably a reflection of her real life emotions and the mental state that she might be going through right now. In this way, this emotional track is very personal to Kesha. Kesha sounds honest and extremely emotional when singing the song. Kesha’sĀ fans have to thank Zedd for making this song possible.

Although this track is released under Kesha’s own name and it might sound like trouble with her label but that’s not the case. Zedd explained the situation on Twitter when he told everyone that he’d taken permission from RCA for releasing this track.

Post Author: David Watt