Tinashe’s “Joyride” album cover is out and it’s thought provoking

Tinashe has given us the album cover for her upcoming album “Joyride”. It means we don’t have to wait a long time for the album. With the album cover art out, we can now expect the album to drop soon. Thankfully, Tinashe has also announced a release date for her album along with the album art. The release date is set for April 13th. This date was not only confirmed by Tinashe but her label RCA also confirmed it.

The official cover for Joyride is nothing less than thought provoking. You see Tinashe mimicking a human fairy. But it’s less of a magical fairy and more of a robotic fairy with her wings pointed and sharp. Her back is loaded with some electronic device, probably there to power the wings. She also has something on her head, as if the wires are in contact with her brain, reading commands directly from the neural activities. It’s a beautiful album art and I’m totally in love with it. After waiting for three years, I think we deserved such a beautiful piece of art for this album. You can check the album cover below.

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Post Author: David Watt