Tinashe Music Video “Super Love” – Watch full video

Tinashe, the uprising R&B star, has recently released a new music video for her song “Super Love”. The music video has a ‘bae watch’ theme and it’s a super sexy video with Tinashe heating up the beach in the bikini.

The fact is that the Baywatch movie is in the news these days. With Tinashe releasing a Baywatch-themed video and calling it ‘bae watch’ instead, it seems like the girl wanted to tell everyone that she could be perfect in the movie, even if she wasn’t even asked for auditions. I’m sure the movie producers would think about Tinashe when they are making their next Baywatch movie in the coming years. For now, Tinashe has only a music video to show off her talents and assets.

In a recent press release, Tinashe revealed details about this music video. The music video is directed by Hannah Lux Davis and it is choreographed by JaQuel Knight. Knight is already known for his hip-hop and R&B videos with Beyonce and also with Tinashe for her previous videos.

The song “Super Love” is a powerful summer anthem and the video compliments the summery feel of the song. The video also provides Tinashe a chance to showcase her talent and she makes the most of it. The dance sequences are good and Tinashe has done justice with what her choreographer wanted her to do. You will see Tinashe doing dance sequences on the beach while saving lives. She will also be doing some dance sequences away from the beach. It’s a video that you should watch right away, especially if you are keeping eyes on this budding talent.

Watch Music Video “Super Love” by Tinashe

Post Author: David Watt