This weeks single releases – 22nd Jan

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The Arctic Monkeys – Black Treacle

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Having suffered a little bit of a disappearance from the commercial mainstream, the Monkeys are still releasing singles off their latest album Suck It And See, this being the fourth cut.

Very much known for their catchy slices of indie rock from their first three albums, though primarily the first two, it’s difficult to hear this tune as anything but a disappointment. Lacking any hooks or any concept of where the track is heading, it fails to excite me in the way that most of their material usually does. Their trademark sound is present in parts of ‘Black Treacle’ and there a moments where it sounds like it could become something, in particular with the guitar riffs, but it ends up being mostly a sticky mess of a track.

The Arcadian Kicks – I Wanna Take You Home

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A raw piece of rock, ‘I Wanna Take You Home’ is a very straightforward track with rough guitars and a passionate gritty voice by lead singer Rebecca Wilson.

Though the chorus does its best to stick in your head with its repetition, it’s not a song that particular stands out as memorable. For its four minutes it’s an enjoyable listen with a great mix of drums, synths and vocal hooks, but there’s nothing distinctive enough about it that justifies repeat listens.

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die

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Building on the sombre but appealing ‘Video Games’, this second single from her upcoming album is very much a cousin of that track but actually takes her vocal style and lyrical delivery up a few notches.

Starting off and concluding with a mixture of production effects and choral backing that sound like Timbaland’s work from his prime before he became his own cliché, the verses are very much ‘Video Games’ part two, but as she shifts from her low growl into singing into the bridge the song becomes a bigger deal.

Delivered as gloomily as her last release from a story point of view but even better and full of sections that stick in your head it won’t convince her doubters as it’s no revolution but it makes me feel very positive towards her album release. A haunting and well produced track.

Nerina Pallot – All Bets Are Off

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Very much an under-rated artist, ‘All Bets Are Off’ is not, as with ‘Born To Die’ above, a massive departure from her trademark sound, but that’s not a bad thing.

Kicking immediately into the words this third cut from Year of the Wolf showcases her silky voice against a string backing that is relaxing enough to put on and chill out to but upbeat enough to stand out.

Another great tune from Pallot with enough passion in her voice and lyrics and an interesting enough composition to sustain the length of the song.

Professor Green – Never be A Right Time

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After the excellent ‘Read All About It’ featuring the equally brilliant Emilie Sande, it’s back to collaborating with Ed Drewett from his debut ‘I Need You Tonight’.

A much slower and introverted single than Green’s usual releases, it sits nicely on album At Your Inconvenience but struggles to stand on its own feet as a single, especially as the second cut.

A gentle, reflective song with a collection of thoughtful lyrics and a lighters-out chorus, it’s a peaceful listen but perhaps not exciting enough as a single release especially compared to the singles from his first LP. I’d grab the album instead.

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