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The Weeknd assassination in Starboy new music video

The Weeknd has premiered his new single “Starboy” yesterday on September 28, 2016. Since the release, the video has over 3 million views on VEVO.

The Grant Singer’s direction shows The Weeknd in short-hair killing the old Weeknd with dreadlocks. Probably, this video is a welcome to the new Weeknd with a decent look.

The video begins with Weeknd assassinating his old self and emerging as a new personality. Also, the newly evolved Weeknd makes so much mess with the house of old Weeknd after killing him.

You will see him destroying everything that comes in front of him with a cross-shaped pink laser. Also, he rides the luxury cars of old Weeknd with a pet dog; showing that he doesn’t care much about old Weeknd or the fans will be seeing a new Weeknd with a different attitude.

Weeknd will be seen rhyming the lyrics wearing a cross-shaped necklace and a black leather jacket.

Rumors say that “Starboy” will be featured on the forthcoming album of The Weeknd due to be released in November 2016.

Let’s wait and see if The Weeknd continues his career as a new Weeknd or this new look was just for this one video. Who knows! It could be just a stunt to make this one video popular.

Well, it’s about time for us to find out.

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Post Author: David Watt