Sway Premiers New Music Video for, “Naturally”

The Pop band SWAY released their second single of 2018 titled, “Naturally”. Their first release this year
Was, “Dive”.
The Band’s new released single, “Naturally” is also accompanied by a Music Video which is directed by
Mailson Soares.
The video features band members and four supporting girls. The Girls run a retro amusement park in
California and the band members are casted as the staff members of that amusement park.
Bassist Danel said of the video that , “we wanted the girls to look like us. So we outfitted them with
some fake tattoos that perfectly matched our own”. He added, “It was so fun painting on everyone and
I was impressed at how great they turned out!”
Watch the video to see what has been happening on the sets?



SWAY is an alt- pop band from America which was formed in 2016. The band consists of four members, “Freddy Hale”, “Niklas Myrback”, “Daniel Juter” and “Cadu Cj”.
The band has announced to release three singles this year and has planned to release the part one of their upcoming debut album this fall. The project will be completed in January in 2019.

Post Author: David Watt