Spotify is planning to make some music available only to paid subscribers

Spotify is clearly one of the largest music streaming services with over 80 million subscribers. Out of these, 20 million are paid subscribers while the remaining 60 million listen to the music free and live with ads. Depending on this model, some artists get paid higher than others compared to which type of subscribers are listening to their music. Some artists, such as Taylor Swift and Adele, have claimed that they can earn more by staying away from streaming services. In fact, Taylor Swift recently talked to the streaming service and asked it to make her music available only to paid subscribers so that she can be paid more for her streams. However, Spotify didn’t approve of this demand and as a result Miss Swift pulled her albums from Spotify’s catalog.

It’s not just Taylor Swift who wants more money from streaming services but Adele has also shown her dissent for the streaming services. As a result of this pressure coming from artists, Spotify has some tough decisions to make.

According to some reports, the streaming service has decided to change the way it makes music available to subscribers. Reportedly, the company is planning to make some music available only to paid subscribers so that artists like Adele and Taylor Swift could release their music on the streaming service and make it available for streaming. However, this could end up in a mess as every artist would want to be paid more for streams and would therefore want streams only to be available to the paid listeners.

Spotify has so far declined any such news. The company has made a comment stating that it believes in it’s philosophy of offering free music supported by ads. Only time will tell if Spotify is actually working on such a deal to compensate the annoyed artists.

Post Author: David Watt