Single Review: “Ugly Heart” by G.R.L

Released on June 3, 2014 “Ugly Heart” is a debut single by American Pop Band G.R.L from their self titled EP. The song was written be Ryan Baharloo, Ester Dean, Lukasz Gottwald, John Charles Monds and Henry Walter. The Ugly heart is a guitar driven track with chunks of electronic music and introduces ukulele to throw some country vibes.

“Ugly Heart” is focused on a guy who initially looks beautiful but later in the song he uncovers his ugly side, giving the track its desired theme. The group has instantly received positive criticism for ‘Ugly Heart’ and has earned some good ratings from all around. Jamieson Clox from the ‘Time’ relates “Ugly Guy” to “moonlit, guitar oriented pop” and a “sneering Kiss-off with many undeniable features of a Dr.Luke’s production. The chemistry of the band is also praised by some critics. Van oppen ‘singer’ and band member, sings over strumming guitar and ‘battle’ sings the high notes before the song goes back into chorus. The track is a catchy one, with toned down verses and quite appealing melody.

The Girl group (G.R.L) has come up from a long way and are widely appreciated for this music venture. We have to wait and see how the group’s full length release would affect the listeners.       

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Post Author: Asif Mumtaz