Single Review: “Special” by Billon feat. Maxine Ashley

Billon has something special up their sleeves. They let us preview this in new single ‘’Special’’ featuring Maxine Ashley, which comes at the right time for the duo considering release of their EP titled ‘Meditate’.

This new track from Billon sounds like a quirky romantic OST from the final scene of a Pixar animation. However, this doesn’t mean that the song lacks freshness. In fact, this demonstrates versatility of the track that puts different parts together into one song. Each part of the song can be interpreted to have a different setting, one of the things that makes this a powerful track. The track has already received positive criticism from acclaimed DJs and music critics.

Listening to Billon’s “Special” is a special feeling with powerful and soulful vocals, catchy lyrics, and soulful beats. In between soulful beats, the chords provide ample space for your mind to go in between lyrics and find a meaning. This moody dance floor anthem has all the right ingredients to become one of the biggest hits of the summer.

The video is shot in LA by Roboshobo, who has created a perfect visual for the soulful spirit of this track. A couple sets out on an adventure that leads them to many memorable activities. You can watch the video below.


Watch “Special” by Billon feat. Maxine Ashley

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz