Single Review: “Rodeo” by Bonnie Anderson

Bonnie Anderson received her first big break in 2007 when she won Australia’s Got Talent on its inaugural season. However, she didn’t cash on the big win and took six years to release her first single. This first song was a soft and bubbly pop song titled ‘Raise The Bar”. The track didn’t make any headlines and was just a regular hit. Bonnie Anderson hit back with the club hit “Blackout”.

It took six years for this Australian diva to release her first single but she is on her way to a busy career as a musician now with her latest single “Rodeo”. There is no doubt that “Rodeo” is a perfect track for Bonnie to step up in the music industry. The track is produced by Billy Man who is famous for collaborating with P!ink. This track has all the right ingredients to catapult this teen sensation to stardom.

Bonnie as changed her style in “Rodeo” as she hits on a more organic pop sound compared to bubbly pop she has been doing recently. The sounds also touch boundaries with country music. The twist sounds really good especially with perky chorus. There is every chance that Aussie diva’s late single will receive a lot of airtime in UK and America.

Watch “Rodeo” by Bonnie Anderson (Teaser)

Post Author: David Watt