Single Review: “Kiss Me” by Olly Murs

Olly Murs will be releasing his latest studio album once again. The album, titled “Never Been Better” was able to reach the top spot in the UK when it was originally released last year. This year, Olly Murs is releasing the album again with the new song “Kiss Me”, which will serve as the first single from the album.

Although Olly has started campaigning the re-release with a new song, still no one knows the exact number of new songs that will be included in this album. It’s a mystery.

“Kiss Me”, released today, is a mid-tempo pop song that has a underlying retro feel about it. The track is really cathcy and it will get you moving in no time. It’s about convincing a girl into a relationship. However, Olly doesn’t seem to have that much of time as it’s about the last time Olly will be able to see the girl, unless he convinces her to make a move on him. It’s a top 10 track for sure but it might not find enough fans to reach the #1 spot. Listen to the track below and you will know what I mean. It has got a vibe of it’s own but somehow Olly fails to turn it into a perfect track. Let us know in the comments if you think differently.

Listen to “Kiss Me” by Olly Murs

Post Author: David Watt