Single Review: “Black Rage” by Lauryn Hill

“Black range” a song by Lauryn Hill, is the manifestation of American tendency toward racism. She has tried to portray real world issues in this era of capitalism through this song. The track has an essence of Roger and Hammerstein’s classic number “My favorite things” from album “The sound of music”. The song is not new in a sense that Lauryn Hill has been performing it live since 2012.

If you listen to Black Rage by Lauryn Hill, you will instantly spot that the recording quality of track is quite basic and low-fi as Lauryn Hill recorded it in her living room with acoustic guitar. The track includes shaking percussions, acoustic guitar and voices of children talking in the background. Lauryn Hill has dedicated “Black Rage” to the people fighting against racial inequality in Ferguson, Missouri.

If you have been following and listening to Lauryn Hill previously, you’d know that she recited a poem on her tour. That poem was converted to the song ‘Black Rage’ and released lately.

Lauryn Hill, while talking about her recent performances, said that she likes to take the opportunity to be in front of so many people and deliver a message through her performances. She also said that dedicating a song to a social cause is nothing new as she had been active on many fronts in the past, including over-commoditization and consumerism.

Watch “Black Rage” by Lauryn Hill on YouTube – Live Performance

Post Author: David Watt