Single Review and Official Music Video: “Free” by Broods

The New Zealand based indie duo Broods has released a new single for their fans. This new single titled “Free” is now the official lead single for Broods’ upcoming second studio album. The album is still untitled but Capitol Records have already confirmed that it will be in stores later this year. This means we can now expect few more new singles from Broods. Good news for indie-electropop fans even though one feels that the duo is kind of stuck in the previous era.

“Free” is an exciting production that doesn’t really have any flaws really. Georgia Nott sings about being free and how much one can sacrifice to be free. She believes one should not care even if it has to lose all to be free. Even the ultimate price for freedom is nothing compared to the joy of being free. This is the message that the duo will deliver across the globe using their aggressive indie-electropop tunes.

Before releasing the single on iTunes, Broods released official music video for the single. The video was premiered on VEVO for global audience. It’s directed by Jessie Hill.

The music video shows us the sexy side of Georgia Nott. She heats things up in the music video as she shows us how naughty she can be. The other celebs be warned as she’s a complete package gearing up to go solo while progressing towards her full boom. This music video is probably where she gets to establish her image. Watch the video below and see it all yourself.

Watch Music Video “Free” by Broods

Post Author: David Watt