Single Review: “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt” by Maroon 5

Maroon 5 have another huge hit at their hands named “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt”. The band premiered their new single on radio last Friday and they have already got a huge following on that track. The track is produced by Shelllback and it will be included in the band’s upcoming re-pack version of the album “V”.

The track “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt” is a rock song with a lot of pop and funk elements thrown all over it – the reason everyone is going to love it. The song is all about beautiful girls who are always out there in the summer, showing their smoking hot bodies on beaches and elsewhere. Adam Levine tells us through his song that this summer is going to hurt big time with so many hot bodies out there. The beauty and sexiness of this summer is going to be hotter than ever and Adam is definitely gearing up to bed a lot of these sexy chicks this summer, as he tells us in “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt”.

The song has some powerful lyrics and Adam Levine just slays it with his vocals. He simply makes everyone believe that this summer is a party time, better than ever before. Anyone listening to this song would definitely end up being happy with an expectation of enjoying some smoking hot bodies in the summer. The chorus is really big and it will stick in your head for long. You can listen to the song below.

Listen to “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt” by Maroon 5


Post Author: David Watt