Single Review: “Superheroes” by The Script

The Script has released lead single “Superheroes” from their fourth album, No Sound Without Silence. The band has tried a lot of new things in this song, stretching the sound to its limitations. Although many fans are excited with the release of this new single and the upcoming album after six years of hiatus, many still doubt that this was the right time for the band to ‘experiment’ with a new album.

Critics feel that the “Superheroes” is a stretch in many ways but still it doesn’t deliver the sound promised by the band. Despite this criticism, the track reflects a solid effort nonetheless, indicating that the band is going in the right direction eventually.

The track starts with piano riffs that signal a melody to follow. The chorus is definitely as big as you can expect and as uplifting as you’d want. The song goes to a rather different direction in the middle as modern vocals effects are added during the breakdown. This is probably the part that doesn’t fit in that well as one would have expected. The band then uses another chorus to pull the song back to from where it started.

“Superheroes” has many magical moments, brought to life using emotive lyrics and an epic chorus. The pianos fill the track beautifully, making it a surefire hit. If you are a fan of The Script, this is a perfect song that you would want to listen this summer. You can watch the video or listen to Superheroes by The Script below.

Watch Superheroes by The Script

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    (2014-09-28 - 10:42 pm)

    Amazing followup to an amazing song. I can’t wait to pickup my copy of No Sound Without Silence on Tuesday 9/30!!

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