Single Review: “Kiss It Better” by Rihanna

The Instagram rated R princess Rihanna has blessed her fans with a new teaser that would possibly be her lead single from the upcoming album. The snippet shows a guitarist working on “Kiss It Better” while Rihanna makes a brief intro and sings a verse. Music fans and critics have already realized the potential of this upcoming track only by listening to this snippet.

“Kiss It Better” was added to onHFA last week which is an official publisher’s site. The track is written by Natalia Kills, John Glass, Jeff Bhasker, and Rihanna while produced by John Glass who is known in the industry for his work with Chris Brown. Although the premiere on Instagram is merely 15 seconds long, it does provide an insight into the quality of music that we can expect from Rihanna in the upcoming album. This upcoming album will be Rihanna’s eighth studio album and will be released sometime around Q1 of 2015.

Although there is no certain word about the future of this track but the rumor has it now that it will be her lead single for the next album. To add some authority to the rumor, John Glass, the producer of the track, has been Tweeting about the track and calling it to be her next lead single. We will post the full track for you to listen internet has it in full.


Post Author: David Watt