Single Review: “It’s All Good” by Naomi Pilgrim

Naomi Pilgrim is making headlines with her brilliant and fresh music. She became an instant hit with her debut single “No Gun”. Critics loved her music and fans enjoyed the freshness that was missing from majority of other singles that went popular on the radio. Naomi didn’t stop there with her debut track but she went on to release her EP in 2014 which was rated as one of the best EP of 2014 by critics and fans alike. And yet she isn’t out of breath and has a lot of creative and fresh music for her fans. She is now back with another great single “It’s All Good”. The best thing about Naomi’s latest single is that it doesn’t fit into any one category but swirls between futuristic R&B and alternative pop. This impossibility to categorize Naomi’s music is what makes it standout.

Naomi Pilgrim’s new music isn’t just great music for critics but it’s equally good for fans thanks to its powerful chorus that makes it perfect for pop radio. There is every chance that this single will take Naomi to new heights as a singer. Her fans will definitely want more music from her this year.

Naomi Pilgrim has also released a video for her single “It’s All Good” where she drives along a highway in the desert. The video is just released and it is getting popular despite not having sufficient material in it. To be honest, the video looks great but there is really nothing in it except Naomi driving and meeting skateboarders on the way.

Watch “It’s All Good” by Naomi Pilgrim


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    (2014-12-15 - 11:41 pm)

    I love this video. This video and Snoh Aalegra’s video for “Bad Things” are my favorite recent videos!

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