Single Review: “Human” by Christina Perry

Christina Perry shows her full range of emotions as she unveils her heart in her new single “Human”. She isn’t about protecting herself and cloaking in mystery like other popular stars but she is not afraid to open her mind and heart and talk to her music fans through her songs. “Human” is a perfect example of how she lays her heart out there for the taking.

Christina Perry could be the song that growing up kids should listen and learn about their own morality. The song has broad and sweeping appeal through its utterly honest lyrics and Perry’s voice makes it magical. Her angelic voice reaches its full range in “Human”, making vocals sound somewhat out of this ‘human’ world.

“I’m only human

I bleed when I fall down”

Christina Perry goes a lot deeper and gives us true emotions and personal stories instead of made-up-stories. In this sense, some may end up comparing Perry to Taylor Swift who is self-acclaimed Queen of Confessions.

Christina Perry’s new single “Human” was produced by Martin Johnson. Johnson has had a busy year with Avril Lavigne’s “Here’s to Never Growing Up” and Jason Derulo’s “The Other Side”. Perry’s new single will be a part of her upcoming sophomore album. The album is yet untitled and will be released in 2014.

Watch “Human” by Christina Perry (Official Video)

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz