Single Review: “How About Now” by Drake

The Toronto rapper Drake keeps coming up with new music when least expected. Keeping up with that tradition, he has just released a single titled “All About Now”. The release isn’t just a preview but it is a full-length track that spans over four minutes. However, there is no news as to what project it will become part of. Only time will tell what Drake is really planning for the future.

Drake rhymes about the bigger picture and then about his emotions which are even bigger than the bigger picture. On top of that, he has to wait for the darkness to fall so that he can figure out who is standing with him.

“How About That” showcases Drake’s rapping talent. He can sing well but he doesn’t do it in this track. A female voice sings some verses to kick off the track, followed by catchy instrumental. Drake layers it with his impressive rapping and he does it really well.

There is no news if Drake really intended to release this track but since it’s out there now, you can listen to it. If you are fan of Drake’s music, then 2015 is going to be a happy year since Drake will be releasing his new album that year. Keep your fingers crossed to see if this track makes it to this new album.

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Post Author: David Watt