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Single Review: “Gold Coins” by Charlie XCX

Charlie XCX is getting more and more excited and ‘interesting to watch’ as the date of her second album “Sucker” approaches. It is due in a month’s time and here we have one more single coming out of this album. The song is titled “Gold Coins” and it will be fifth track on the album. The track is written by Charlie XCX and co-written by Patrik Berger.

Charlie XCX was doing pop tracks recently but we knew she has a rockstar in her. In “Gold Coins” she goes back to her roots and shows us her rock-y side. This rock-synth track is going to be your new favorite if you have ever enjoyed Charlie’s rocky style.

If you dream of a life of a millionaire, then “Gold Coins” is going to be your anthem now. Charlie sings ‘That’s what I dream of in my heart – Gold coins everywhere”. The British singer is going to attract a lot of wanna-be millionaires with her powerful anthem. We wish Charlie can make it big with her “Gold Coins” just like she did with her recent tracks. The track is available on iTunes for download and you can listen it below.

Watch “Gold Coins” by Charlie XCX (Audio)

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz