Shania Train hints at doping her comeback single this weekend

Shania Twain has hinted on dropping her comeback single soon. It could be as soon as this weekend. It’s something that fans of the country Queen would be anxiously waiting for and fans expecting this news to be true. After all, it took her 15 long years to make a comeback.

It’s not that Shania hasn’t tried making a comeback earlier during these 15 years but it just didn’t happen for her for some reason. She announced her comeback song many times in the past but never released it. She even promised her fans to give them a comeback album a few years back but then she backed out due to some issues with her personal life that needed to be addressed before Shania could come back to music.

If Shania eventually releases her comeback single this weekend, it’d begin a new era.¬†Along with the new single, we could also get her new LP.

The hint that Shania would drop a new song this weekend came from a post in Las Vegas Review. The magazine has claimed that she country queen will be appearing on the 52nd Country Music Awards. That’s where she plans to premiere her comeback single in front of a large audience.

If she releases the single this Sunday, she will be able to release her next album in May, as she promised her fans in an interview earlier this year.

Post Author: David Watt