Sabrina Carpenter Performs At “Tonight Show” With Jimmy Fallon

Guess who appeared on Thursday’s Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon? Oh yeah, it’s the alluring Sabrina Carpenter. As the program proceeded to its end, Sabrina took the stage floor and blessed the audience with her beautiful performance of “Why”. Miss Carpenter, who visited the show for the very first time, wore the outfit that matched with her song just perfectly.

Luckily for Sabrina, “Why” has met with an overwhelming response from the fandom. It’s at number 28 on Top 30 US pop radio charts and predictably, Sabrina can meet the new heights of her career with this song.

“Why” Seems To Tell A Personal Experience

The song seems to tell a rather personal story of Sabrina. Starting with the differences between her and her boyfriend’s choices, the song, however, has a beautiful message: to still stay connected. She sings in her melodious voice “Tell me how we’re not alike/But we work so well and we don’t even know why.”

The strongest reason that makes any couple work it out is surprisingly also given in the song as “I don’t ask for you to change, baby no no no. And you don’t ask for me to change.” It seems like Sabrina knows quite well the fundamentals of relations and the beauty of differences.

Post Author: David Watt