Ruth B. Delivers a New Music Video, “Slow Fade”. Watch Here:

The Canadian singer and songwriter, “Ruth B” has released a new song titled, “Slow Fade” with an accompanying music video. The track was co-written by Ruth B. with, “Anthony West” and “Josephine Vander Gucht”.

Slow Fade will appear on the Canadian singer’s upcoming second studio album which is supposed to be released this year. Ruth has already released two of the songs form the upcoming LP including, “Rare” and “Crave” and this new song is the third song yet released from the album.

Slow Fade is a soft emotional ballad where Ruth sings about losing someone who had brought a lot of joy to her, and that she wants him to get the best in his life, and yes she thinks that something even better is waiting for her.

What about the music video? It was directed by, “Philip Sportel”. It starts when Ruth B starts singing the song while sitting on her bed, with flowers placed aside on the bed. She looks stunning in that black slips.

The video features a man also but you will barely see him through out the music video. He will get along the Canadian singer for some moments and she will keep singing without paying attention to him.

Watch music video to the Ruth B’s new song, “Slow Fade”:

Post Author: David Watt