Rihanna Performs “Loyalty”, “Wild Thoughts” and “Lemon” at a Christmas Show

Rihanna has surprised her fans and the crowds at TDE’s Christmas Show and Toy Drive where she performed “Loyalty” with Kendrick Lamar who was also present at the event. To be honest, not many among the audience were expecting Riri to perform this collaboration. She also performed “Lemon” and “Wild Thoughts” at the show.

Riri performing at this event was amazing. She was so full of energy that you could feel it. The crowd also responded and sang loudly with her. It was fabulous night and everyone at the show enjoyed like crazy. They were jumping up and down and almost every phone present in the arena was busy recording Riri’s performance. She also sang a few verses from her newest collaboration “Lemon”. Crowd went crazy when Riri started singing her latest hit with DJ Khalid “Wild Thoughts”. The crowd behavior tells you a lot about Riri’s popularity and energy that she brings to these live events with her outstanding performances.

If you are one of those unlucky people who weren’t at the show, then we got you covered. You can watch Riri’s amazing performances below. Just hit play, sit back, and watch Riri at her very best. Scroll down now and enjoy these performances.

Watch Riri performing “Loyalty” [first live performance], “Lemon”, and “Wild Thoughts”


Post Author: David Watt