Psy is back with “Daddy” – Watch the Crazy Video

Psy, the South Korean singer who gave us “Gangnam Style”, is back with a new album. This is his seventh album and is titled “Psy 7th Album”. The Korean singer has plans to release music videos for allĀ of the songs from the new album. He has released the first video for his spotlight song “Daddy”. The music video was released yesterday and it has already started grabbing attention globally.

Following up his greatest hit “Gangnam Style” and his follow up to that “Gentleman”, Psy has a lot of ground to cover with “Daddy”. The expectation are high and people already know his sound. They have heard and loved the K-pop but the question is whether they can take more of it or not. Psy isn’t going to try anything other than K-pop. That’s his style and as you can see in this music video, he is going to stick to it.

As of now, “Daddy” is in Korean which means that audience outside Korea won’t be able to understand even a word from this track unless Psy translates a few lines and releases it to the global market. But one thing is for sure – you’re going to see a lot of people dancing in the US and rest of the world to Psy’s K-pop beats in “Daddy” even if they don’t understand a word.

Today, Psy premiered the official music video for his latest single “Daddy”. The song is about Psy’s father. The music video does justice to the lyrics and tells a story that everyone can relate to. The video opens with Psy in the hospital holding his new born baby in his hands and thinking about his own ‘daddy’. Watch the music video below and see if you are tempted to hit the ‘like’ button.

Watch Music Video “Daddy” by Psy

Post Author: David Watt