Pardison Fontaine and Cardi B’s Collaboration “Backin’ It Up”. Stream:

The Hip Hop Star (the Rapper), “Pardison Fontaine” has helpd Cardi B a lot.  Pardison helped Cardi writing her super hit, “Bodak Yellow” and not just this he also helped her on all the tracks of Cardi’s best album “Invasion Of Privacy”. The good work can not be ignored.

The American rapper, “Cardi B” decided to join Pardison for his new song, “Backin’ It Up”. The new song features Cardi B. She has already previewed the song last month at “VMA’s after-party”.

The song has a urban beat and what a song it is.  The official music video to the song is out now and is available on digital platforms. Cardi B looks stunning as always with the amazing lyrics she utters.

Watch The Official Music Video To The Pardison and Cardi’s New Sons, “Backin’ It Up”:

What about the lyrics? haha! Cardi always comes with the best and yet another one. I don’t know whether any of the other female rappers are going to get her because she is just undefeated at the moment. Must I thank them both for the killing release.

Post Author: David Watt