Noah Cyrus & Alan Walker Share Their Hot Song “All Falls Down”

The 20-year old hot singer Alan Walker has teamed up with Noah Cyrus for their new song called All Falls Down. The dynamic duo has paired up with Digital Farm Animals, the British DJ, and producer, to get help in releasing the hot new track.

The British-Norwegian pop-singer Walker wanted this track to be his successful dance number. The song starts with flickering acoustic guitar strums and finger-snap sounds, directing towards a bouncy touch. The song starts on rather low notes but moves quickly towards the chorus.

“All Falls Down” has some serious lyrics like “You crossed the line and it’s time to say F you, what’s the point in saying that when you know how I’ll react?/You think you can just take it back, but shit just doesn’t work like that.”

See What Noah And Alan Has To Say About Eachother

Both Noah and Walker seems to be getting along quite fine with each other. While talking in a press conference Walker said:

With this record, I got the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing artists. Noah Cyrus’ voice is absolutely incredible!

Wait, this does not end here. It seems like Noah has something nice to say about Alan as well. Supporting and reckoning his co-star, Cyrus added:

I’ve loved this record since the moment I heard it. It’s amazing to be a part of this song with such a badass dude.

Post Author: David Watt