Nick Jonas and Robin Schulz Have Delivered a New Music Video For, “Right Now”. Watch:

The American Singer and Songwriter, “Nick Jonas” released a song back in August this year titled, “Right Now”. The song was co-written by, “Nick Jonas”and “Robin Schulz” with “Peter Hanna”, “Taylor Bird”, “Andrew McMahon”, “Lindsey Stirling”, “Junkx”, “Steve Mac” and “Skylar Grey”.

Now, The Official Music Video for the song has been released. The video features Nick Jonas and was released on his Official YouTube channel.

It has been rumors about the song that Nick released the song for her fiancée, “Priyanka Chopra” but it was a surprise for the fans when the American Singer and Songwriter , “Skylar Grey” (Who has Co-written the song With Nick) posted about it. He Wrote, “The song is about Ellliot. (her boyfriend)”.

Coming to the video, it is pretty good. It starts when Nick sings standing in some dark place and a laser-light(making different shapes) keeps blinking all over him. and that’s it. That is what happens in all the video.

Watch The video to Nick Jonas’ “Right Now”:

So now we know that the song is not about Priyanka. After when the song was released Nick Jonas told media about the song that, “It’s a song that I’ve been sitting on for a while but I was looking for the right time to put it out and the right person to collaborate with.”

Post Author: David Watt