Watch Stripped-Back Gem: “Slow” By SHY Martin

SHY Martin has premiered a new song titled “Slow.” This new song is a stripped-back track is the first from the 26-year-old singer in 2020. We hope she will continue moving ahead this year just the way she opened up the year.

SHY Martin has been in the industry for some time now but she had mainly worked for others as a songwriter. She had hits with Bebe Rexha, Ellie Goulding, and Chainsmokers. But with her 2018 album, critics and fans alike knew they have a super artist in front of them who just needs to put more focus on her own music. She also lends her vocals to Mike Perry’s recent hit “The Ocean.” Now she has turned her attention to her own music and we like it better this way. The song “Slow” is a pure gem and we hope she keeps giving us similar tracks as she progresses further into her individual music career.

The Swedish pop star debuted her EP in 2018 and it turned out to be a major hit of 2018 – some even considered it the best pop album. We hope her new project also gets attention. Listen to her latest single below.

Listen To “Slow” By SHY Martin

Post Author: David Watt