Song Review: “Yellow Hearts” By Ant Saunders

Ant Saunders is riding a new wave of turning a potential hit into a viral song. Unlike the old days, it’s not the radio that’s helping Saunders but it’s Spotify that is helping him get streams. As of now, he has already racked up over 50 million streams for his new single “Yellow Hearts” and it’s still going strong without showing any signs of getting lesser attention in the coming days. If it continues like this for another few days, we have a huge viral hit that hasn’t even made to the radio. He doesn’t have a great music video either and the song cover is also pretty ordinary.

Although it seems as if Saunders has used MS Paint to create the cover for his song and it’s a similar feeling about the visual, but that’s getting him a lot of attention. It all seems homemade and DIY – something that’s creating a lot of special appeal for the song.

In the song, Saunders sings about a girl “She put my name with yellow hearts, her favorite color like the stars.” As the song progresses towards the chorus, it gets stronger. “I didn’t listen very hard when she told me she was crazy from the start,” the crooner signs on the chorus.

After the chorus, the song takes another turn. The singer starts believing that he’s being played. With these feelings he sings the lines “It’s been a while since I’ve heard her say that we were more than friends.” “Yellow Hearts” is a beautiful song and it feels totally authentic and refreshing. Give it a try below and you will love everything about it.

Listen To “Yellow Hearts” By Ant Saunders

Post Author: David Watt