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Song Review: “Mayores” by Becky G [Music Video + Review]

Becky G has released her new song in Spanish. The song features Bad Bunny and it’s titled “Mayores”. It’s another one of Becky G’s Spanish songs as she continues to influence audience across Espanol.

This sultry track has an exciting upbeat. It’s another worthy addition to Becky G’s Spanish singles. I’m sure Becky’s Spanish album will be loaded with gems. But when would it come out? Bad news: Becky G or her label hasn’t announced any album date so far. It seems like Becky has no rush with the album. She wants to totally consume that Spanish market before she finally hits the final blow with her album.

She has every reason to delay the album further. She’s doing a great job releasing these one-off singles. They are working for her. I’m sure she’d love to build some more momentum before she finally excites her fans with the news of album release. I have a remote feeling that the album is going to hit the market early next year.

In her new song “Mayores”, Becky G admits that she enjoys being with the older men. She tends to fall for men who are elder and big, but they are generous enough to bring her flowers and open the car door for her. That’s what Becky G wants her man to be like.

The entire song is sultry in nature and has a fun theme. Becky sings her list of requirements for her ‘man’. Eventually she gets really naughty as she talks about liking men ‘big’ – so big that it won’t fit her mouth. That’s ‘super’ nasty. But it also indicates that Becky G is now a fully grown up empowered woman. She can do things the way she like and say things the way she desires. Time to listen to this song and watch the official music.


Watch Music Video “Moyres” by Becky G


Post Author: David Watt