Emily Osment

“Sailor” by Bluebiird

Emily Osment (Bluebiird) has released a new single titled “Sailor.” Emily actually wrote this song back in 2014 but somehow couldn’t work it out until now. It was a different time in Emily’s life and the song clearly takes us there.

Emily has been active this year as she released a semi-acoustic track “Black Coffee Morning” a month ago and now she has gifted us another song. It’s a gem thanks to her honey-dipped dreamy vocals lay out the touching lyrics perfectly.

While talking about the song, Emily tells the fans she wrote the song at a time when she was unsure why she’s alive. She was more like a ‘factory’ that produces the same product every morning – a sad girl. She wanted to do something about this madness. This is when she wrote this track.

The song is about the radical change the singer needed to get out this phase but it’s also about the despair that comes out of such a situation. It’s the feeling she’s trying to convey on the chorus when she sings ‘Did you ever mean to be so mean?’ Give it a try and you’d love what Emily in “Sailor.”

Listen To “Sailor” By Bluebiird


Post Author: Harvey Dyer