New Singles Review: G-Eazy released two brand new songs “Still” & “Bone Marrow”

The controversial rapper G-Eazy released two brand new singles “Still” and “Bone Marrow” on November 24th, 2016. The songs are currently available for stream on Spotify and you will be able to download them from iTunes starting from today (November 25th).

The piano-driven hip-hop ballad “Still” is produced by Digital Genie while the urban banger “Bone Marrow” is produced by MD$.

“Still” is all about G-Eazy’s life and what he’s been thriving to become. He discusses his experiences, ambitions, and personality. He’s “still” hopeful that he has the potential to live on the edge other than staying idle. Also, you will hear him justifying his drug usage.

On the other hand, “Bone Marrow” is all about him taking out his frustration on his girl. He is relating himself with different movie characters and Hollywood actors to explain his personality. Also, you will hear G-Eazy bragging about him getting wasted at parties and f**king the bitches. And yes, you will hear him accept cocaine consumption.

I think these two songs will be a part of G-Eazy’s fourth studio album which is coming out in 2017 via Interscope Records.

Listen: “Still” & “Bone Marrow” By G-Eazy

Post Author: David Watt