Single Music Video: “Wish You Pain” By Andy Grammer

Andy Grammer has released a new single titled “Wish You Pain.” And it could be another smash hit for him this year after his earlier single “Don’t Give Up On Me” went on to become certified gold on Spotify.

Andy Grammer has developed a habit of giving us a massive radio hit each year and this year he could have two to keep us excited. This new single has all the potential to get a similar kind of success as his previous one.

Despite the title being so awkwardly naive, this new single is a love song. The opening verses make it clear where he sings “I hope you question whether you ever really had a chance at all – I hope your fear is thick like poison that gets into your blood.”

The naivety in this song is that Andy wishes his lover pain. Why? Because he knows that every time her heart breaks, it grows. He knows it sounds strange to have such a wish but that’s the only way he could see his love growing.

While talking about the song, Andy explained that he hopes this song can change the way we look at pain and helps reframe it for those who are constantly facing it. He wants to give the message that even in pain, it gets better with time. You become stronger and you have a stronger will. Give it a listen below and you might just fall in love with this bizarre love song.

Listen To New Single: “Wish You Pain” By Andy Grammer

Post Author: David Watt