Single: “She Sets The City On Fire” by Gavin DeGraw

To be honest, no one had any clue when Gavin DeGraw would eventually return to the music scene. Nevertheless, he made his comeback on 15th July and surprised everyone. If you are his fan, you have more news to be excited as Gavin is planning a new studio album.

This new single is the lead single from Gavin’s upcoming fifth studio album. The title of this new album is “Something Worth Saving” as announced by RCA Records. The album will come out in September. We are hoping that his new album will be received well by fans because it has been three years since his last album titled “Make A Move”.

The new lead single “She Sets The City On Fire” is written by Gavin DeGraw with assistance from Gregg Wattenberg, who also produced the song. The song sounds extremely catchy and anthemic. I’m sure you will sing along when you listen to this new single. The song has strong commercial elements, something that might annoy Gavin’s hardcore fans.

It looks as if Gavin is trying new things with his upcoming studio album. It might not be that same ‘story and piano’ anymore. Nevertheless, this modern and poppier sound might turn out to be successful. Even if it fails, Gavin can return to his signature sound in the next album. Time to give his new sound a try. Click PLAY below.

Listen to “She Sets The City On FirE” by Gavin DeGraw

Post Author: David Watt