Single: “Running Low” by Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes has finally released the re-packed version of his debut album “Handwritten”. This time the album is named “Handwritten: Revisited”. Shawn had to re-release this album even if he never wanted that. His label, Island Records, are making all their artists re-release their latest album this year. Shawn had no way out.

The good news is that Shawn Mendes hasn’t just re-done previous tracks but he has included new material as well. For example, there are some new songs and you will be able to listen to live versions of some old songs. One of the new songs in this album is “Running Low”. It’s a great song, a typical Shawn Mendes single, and it’s what makes this album worth buying.

“Running Low” is a piano-based ballad in which Shawn Mendes tells his story. He talks about his girlfriend who is hurt because Shawn hasn’t given her enough time and attention. Shawn is telling her that he is running low and that he has to go now. However, he is hopeful that his girlfriend will find a better person who will give her more time and care for her, something Shawn failed to do.

The story is really good and it’s kind of gripping. Even if you can’t connect with it, you would still want to listen to this on repeat. His motive is to ‘find himself’ and that’s the only reason Shawn has given throughout the song. Does it sound like a good reason to leave your girl? Maybe not. But Shawn Mendes finds it strong enough motive to go his way. Probably, he wants to discover himself more than anything else, more than the love that he was getting and more than the future that he could have had with his girl. Listen to the track below.

Listen “Running Low” by Shawn Mendes

Post Author: David Watt