Single Review: “Xanax” By Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has made a comeback to the pop music with her new single titled “Xanax.” Lindsay has been hinting for a few years now that she’ll be back to doing music and fans have taken this news positively. However, it took the 33-year-old diva some time to deliver her first comeback single. But it’s finally here and we are grateful to Lindsay for that.

Lindsay teased the single earlier this month by giving us a quick preview. Finally, she released the single on 23rd of this month. If you are wondering if she is serious about making a comeback, just know that ALMA assisted this single. She’s definitely serious about doing music again.

The song is somewhat an autobiographical affair where Lindsay Lohan talks about parties in LA and how she doesn’t like them at all. She always goes home in a bad mood and often passes out. Find out more details here. She ends up waking up alone because that’s how these parties always end.

While saying all that, she takes a sweet turn on the chorus and tells her boy that he is “like Xanax to me” who helps her counter social anxiety. The track was coupled with a music video which isn’t exactly what we expected.

Post Author: David Watt