New Single Review: “Waiting” by Betsy + Watch Music Video

Betsy has released a new pop single titled “Waiting”. It’s yet another sign that she is on the right track to make it big in the music industry.

Betsy is one of those pop stars that inspire a lot of people around the world, not just with her music but also with how she completely re-wrote her life. She started as a rural girl who grew up on a¬†farm somewhere in Wales. From there, she took off to London to pursue a career in fashion. She made it big instantly but then she released that fashion wasn’t her thing and it was actually music that inspired her. That’s when she decided to start a career as a singer. Ever since then, she hasn’t looked back. So far, she has given us some of the best singles of 2016 including “Fair”, “Lost & Found” and “Wanted More”. All these singles were great and reminded everyone that Betsy will eventually find her right place in the pop industry. But this latest single, “Waiting”, is definitely the best of her music so far and it tells you one thing and only one thing: Betsy is destined for the very top. She won’t settle for anything less.

If you are making a list of awesome singles released in 2017 so far, the first one that you would put on that list would be “Waiting”. This special song is a soaring love ballad that has elements from disco music but stays true to pop with a massive chorus. The way she is moving ahead, it’s obvious that her upcoming LP would be a thing of beauty – a real gem. You can watch the music video for this song below. Just hit “Play”, lean back and enjoy the best of 2017.

Watch Official Music Video of “Waiting” by Betsy

Post Author: David Watt