Single Review: “Twice” by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has premiered a new song titled “Twice”. This new song serves as a preview of Christina’s new album, which will be her eighth studio album and it will come out in June this year. As of now, you can get this new countdown single by Christina Aguilera on all digital platforms.

Along with this new countdown single, we also had the announcement of Christina’s upcoming The Liberation Tour. It’s going to be her first tour in over a decade.

If you were disappointed with Christina’s previous release “Accelerate” featuring Ty Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz, it’s time you reconsider your opinion about her new album. It’s a much better song, one that we expect from the veteran pop singer. I don’t really know why she released “Accelerate” ahead of “Twice” when it was going to be her first single in like six years. That’s a really huge period to go without a single and the first single had to be totally FIRE. I really have absolutely no clue, especially after listening to both tracks in the same sitting. “Twice” is obviously so much better that anyone could tell. I don’t understand how Christina and her label missed this obvious difference.

After listening to this track, I’m really excited about Christina’s collaboration with Demi Lovato and looking forward to it. I’m sure it will be as good as “Twice” and no where closer to “Accelerate”. Listen to “Twice”, Christina’s latest single, below.

Listen to “Twice” by Christina Aguilera

Post Author: David Watt