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Single Review: “Too Close” By Louis The Child Ft. Wrabel

Wrabel and Louis The Child have joined forces to give us a new gem of a single. It’s titled “Too Close”. The single came out today and it has already gathered plenty of hype. You can listen to “Too Close” after the review below or jump to the bottom straight away.

The track “Too Close” brings us close to the singer who is telling us a tale of unrequited love. His and his friend told each other that if they’d be single at 45, they’d cease their moment with a diamond ring and a romantic proposal.

Unfortunately, Wrabel’s friend isn’t single anymore. “Maybe one day there’d be more to this friendship” and other fanciful thinking – it seems too much to take now as Wrable sings “It kills me every time he takes you home” and admits he had no backup plan. It’s a great song and it has every ingredient to turn into a big hit. Give it a listen below.

Listen To New Single “Too Close” By Louis The Child Ft. Wrabel

Post Author: David Watt