Single Review: “Still Got Time” by Zayn & PartyNextDoor

Zayn Malik and PartyNextDoo has collaborated for the new single titled “Still Got Time”. This new single by Zayn made it to the digital platform a few days back. This song, although not yet confirmed, would be the next single from Zayn’s upcoming album. This would be his second studio album and Zayn has been actively working on it for last few months. I’m sure rest of the album will be as good as is this new single “Still Got Time”.

This new song “Still Got Time” has some amazing R&B vibes. You will also enjoy the tropical flavor that comes through the song really nice. It’s a surefire hit – there is no question about it. It’s radio friendly and I’m every Top 40 radio is going to pick this song and play it throughout the summer.

You love the song right from the beginning. The chorus is amazing and it grabs your attention within the first few minutes. In the song, Zayn talks about how his girl should come to him and not go anywhere else because he is her Mr. Right. Listen to this song below.

Listen to “Still Got Time” by Zayn Malik and PartyNextDoor

Post Author: David Watt