Music Review: “People, I’ve Been Sad” By Christine And The Queens

Christine And The Queens made a blast in 2018 when she collaborated with Charli XCX but then she went silent. Now the French pop star has made a comeback to the music scene with a new single titled “People, I’ve Been Sad.”

During the time between collaboration with Charli and now, Christine And The Queens has been busy promoting her album Chris that she released in 2018. It was a roller coaster 18 months for her. Now she feels the time is right to make new music and here we are with yet another gem. The 31-year-old French pop star is definitely talented beyond normal.

Christie And The Queen, real name Heloise Letissier, sings about sadness and about being gone in this new song. She knows that she’s been gone and missing out and it’s been too long. She knows it’s time for her to come back to the scene. She opens her song with “It’s true that people I’ve been sad, it’s true that people I’ve been gone, it’s true that people I’ve been missing out and missing out for way too long.” The French star switches to French lyrics in the middle of the song, ensuring that she is covering the English and French market within this song so she doesn’t have to make a separate version for each market as she’d done in the past.

The song is four-minute-long and you won’t feel disconnected even for a second. It’s a beautiful pop song that’s nearing perfection. Give it a listen below.

Listen To New Song “People, I’ve Been Sad” By Christine And The Queens

Post Author: David Watt