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New Single Review: “Paralyzed” By David Archuleta

David Archuleta has released a new single titled “Paralyzed.” It’s a powerful pop anthem that serves as the first single from his seventh album.

David Archuleta got his break on American Idol in 2008. Since then, he has treated us with six albums and now he’s all geared up to complete his seventh album. It will come out next year.

This new song is a layered-commentary on how one gets paralyzed when he can’t let go of things from the past. It’s something we all can relate to and easily see our own paralyzed moments. David noted his lack of ability to let go and experienced fear related to past things – all those stopping him from moving ahead in life. This song gives us the battle anthem for the fight against our own inability to overcome the past, to move ahead, and to forget what we should. It’s a powerful song with a lot of meaning and material.

It’s a great song, a potential hit. David accompanied it with a music video (directed by Brian Petchers). Go ahead and press PLAY below to watch the video and listen to the first serving from David’s seventh album.

Watch Music Video “Paralyzed” By David Archuleta

Post Author: David Watt