Music Review: “God Bless Our Souls” by Morgan Saint

Morgan Saint has released a new track titled “God Bless Our Souls” and it’s a gem. It’s pouring with originality when it’s something we rarely find in new music these days. Morgan also released two EPs recently, each being a gem and worth listening.

When you listen to “God Bless Our Souls”, you’d instantly recognize the rawness but you’ll also feel originality coming out of every bit of music you hear from this kid.

In the track “God Bless Our Souls”, Morgan is expressing his feelings, his sensitivities, and how he feels about them. She cries many times a week because she’s preoccupied, which she didn’t realize earlier. However, she’s now deep into this person and her soul seems like on fire. While discussing his sensitivities, Morgan isn’t sure if she is enough or she’s got what it takes to keep someone closer. She’s not even sure if she’s doing it right and maybe she’s ruined the relationship already. She’s not sure of anything. That’s her major insecurity. Listen to this track below.

Listen To “God Bless Our Souls” by Morgan Saint

Post Author: David Watt