Music Video: “Me Because Of You” By HRVY

HRVY has blessed us with a new single along with its official music video. The 21-year-old singer has already put the wheel in motion at such a younger age by getting over a billion streams for his previous songs. Now with this new single coming out, it’s only obvious that not only the number of streams will increase but also his reputation. The single is titled “Me Because Of You” and it’s produced by Earwulf.

This new single is a feel-good anthem is about someone who helped the crooner when the times weren’t right “You took this open heart of mine, fixed me up and made it right.” The chorus is catchy and radio-friendly. “I’m only because of you,” the 21-year-old singer sings with passion.

While talking about this new single, HRVY told the media that he took inspiration from a fan’s comments. He instantly drew a sketch on his iPhone and knew that it had to come out musically. We can see the young Brit can already connect with his fan in ways beyond social interactions. That’s a good thing and it could help HRVY stay relevant in the long-run.

“Me Because Of You” is a brilliant song that could easily become HRVY’s best track so far. You can watch the official music video below and listen to the song.

Watch “Me Because Of You” By HRVY

Post Author: David Watt