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New Single Review: “Like I Do” by David Guetta $ Martin Garrix

David Guetta and Martin Garrix have released a new song titled “Like I Do” and it’s a certified club banger. With this song, it’s now their second collaboration – the first one was “So Far Away”. I hope this collab becomes a hit with the fans just like their previous collaboration. The song is available on the various digital platform at the time of writing this review so if you like what you hear, you can always go ahead and buy the song.

While talking about the song, David Guetta told his fans that he had already been working on several tracks. When he along with Martin noted the response to “So Far Away”, they decided to do another track together. Martin Garrix also talked about David Guetta saying that he always wanted to collab with David – a legend. He told his fans that he had a lot of respect for David and his work.

Their latest collab “Like I Do” is a dance-pop┬átrack that features vocals from Brooks. Not sure who is Brooks but the vocals are really amazing. I like the delicacy of the vocals. The chorus and the beat following it is also amazing and I’m sure it will help this song become popular. It’s a killer beat and party people are going to love it. Give it a listen below. I’m sure you will like it and encourage the artists to work on more collaborations.

Listen to “Like I Do” by David Guetta and Martin Garrix

Post Author: David Watt