Single Review: “For You” by Rita Ora & Liam Payne

Rita Ora and Liam Payne have dropped a new single titled “For You”. This new single will be serving as the official soundtrack for the new “Fifty Shades” franchise movie. The song will also play in some of the scenes so you will have plenty of it if you decide to watch the movie.

It’s been a lot of good singles coming out of this franchise. Whether “Fifty Shades” has served the cinemagoers or not, it has definitely made music fans happy with many hit singles produced as soundtracks for the franchise. It’s exciting that a new single is out and it will serve as the soundtrack for “Fifty Shades”. Knowing that it’s difficult to keep pace with the new releases under “Fifty Shades” banner, the producers decided to spend heavily on the promotions for “For You”.

With all these heavy promotions, a lot of fans would naturally compare this new single to the previous hit “Fifty Shades” soundtracks such as “Earned It”. However, I advise you judge this song in its own domain. It may not be able to surpass “Earned It”, it’s still got its own personality and that’s what I love the most about this song. It’s a feel-good song that has heavy romantic vibe – something you’d appreciate once you listen to this new song. It’s time you give it a listen below.

Stream “For You” by Rita Ora & Liam Payne – New Single from “Fifty Shades” franchise

Post Author: David Watt