Carlie Hanson Daze Inn

Single Review+Official MV: Daze Inn By Claire Hanson

Edit: The post has been updated watch the official music video below!

Clarie Hanson is all set and dropping quality pop songs since early 2017, but she really picked it up and came into her own last year.

 The 19 Year old from Wisconsin went from working at McDonald’s to touring with Australian singer/songwriter Troy Sivan in a short span of a few months.

 ‘Junk’ turned out to be a sensational hit and is termed as one of the best EP’s from 2019, she ended the year with another banger called ‘Side Effects’.The breakout star has announced on her social media that she will be relaunching for 2020.

Carlie had revealed “Daze Inn” and then announced its March 26 release date. Only time will tell whether its a stand-alone single or its the second cut from her mutch awaited LP. If it is any good as her previous singles ‘Numb’ and ‘Side Effects’ it’s sure to become the song of the week. Check out the announcement below.

New Single Review: Daze Inn By Claire Hanson

Post Author: David Watt